May 31 2019

Do you think that website development is all about functionality and design? Then you have barely scratched the surface!

Sure, your web developer might have created fully functional and visually appealing websites from their past projects. But have they covered every important aspect of web development?

If a developer is indeed a good website developer, here are the things you should ask about that they should easily be able to give the answer to.

Know who is hosting your website

Considering that hosting lies on the technical side of web development, it’s quite tempting to never ask questions and leave all matters concerning this to your web developer. But did you know that choosing the right host is crucial to your website?

Since a web host is responsible for a website’s security, you need to ensure that you get a reliable one to provide you with the highest security measures and comprehensive back up plans. It’ll be a big setback for your business if your data is hacked!

A good web developer recognises the importance of hosting and knows better than to trust a malicious service provider. Ask your developer for essential hosting information and they should be able to deliver.

Need fast, secure and reliable hosting services? Our team will be happy to assist you with high quality web hosting solutions! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

The sources of your images and content

The internet has made data and information readily available to us. Just a click away and you’ll be able to access loads of resources! But oftentimes, a lot of people forget that not everything can be used or shared freely.

Using copyrighted content without permission, more so on a website, can put you in a terribly tight spot. Aside from the legal matters you have to face, this may take a toll on your search engine ranking as well. A double whammy!

A developer should know the repercussions of using content illegally. To avoid this, it’s best to provide your own images for your web developer to work with, if available. But if not, a good developer knows just what to do.

Here at FX Web Studio, you get the full package! Along with an attractive and fully functional website, we create original website copy and rich media content and only use legally acquired assets, so you can rest assured you won’t get in any trouble.

The website design originality

Want a more affordable, template-based theme for your website? Or perhaps a distinctive, fully customised design that will solidify your brand identity? To make your expectations clear, it’s important to tell your web developer about your design preferences.

If you choose a template-based design, make sure your web developer would carry out some unique modifications. Remember, your web design needs to capture your customers’ attention, so a highly generic style won’t do you any good.

The best way to go is to have your web design tailored. A website that features a fresh and original look will definitely perform better as it will attract more interest and attention from your prospects.

In addition, your developer should know that a website’s design should be focused around customer journey. This is to ensure that every opportunity to convince a potential customer to try out your brand is improved and maximised.

Our team can make all that happen! We don’t just design aesthetically pleasing websites. More importantly, we see to it that every design element contributes to a seamless customer experience, so you can take advantage of your website to the fullest.

The editing and updating of your website

So, your web developer has added all the necessary content and installed all the features you need to your website – but do you know how to manage it?

You might think that once your website goes live, everything is settled. Well, unfortunately it isn’t that simple.

A website requires regular updates for it to remain relevant to users. To make sure your website is always up-to-date, you should have maintenance and management plans in place.

If you’re determined to manage your own website, you can always ask your web developer to teach you all the things you need to know and give you access to your site’s backend. In this way, you can edit and update your content whenever you need to.

Want a website that’s fully backed up, monitored and optimised every time? Then our team can help you with that! We present you with an up-to-date and fully functional website – and we intend to keep it that way. If you’re interested, enquire about our maintenance and management plans today.

Strategies for website ranking

Congratulations, you have a new website! But the work doesn’t end there – it’s only the beginning.

The purpose of your website is to sell, right? So, it needs to be visible to your customers for it to prove effective. Otherwise, what’s the use of your website?

A good web developer knows that without internet marketing strategies, your website won’t stand out no matter how creative and attractive it is. Most probably, they would recommend Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to boost your website’s online presence – and we do, too!

Need help with internet marketing? The team at FX Web Studio takes a holistic approach to making your brand known to your customers! Through our advanced SEO strategies, we can increase traffic to your website and improve your conversions.

We can’t deny. A website is an important part of a business’s marketing efforts. After all, it’s where most digital marketing strategies lead to!

If you’re planning to have a website developed or upgraded, it’s important you choose a team that truly knows their craft.

At FX Web Studio, we take care of everything – from website development, design, hosting, maintenance and management to digital marketing! Give us a call on 02 8076 1964 to learn more about our services.

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